The Artist in Transformative Times


January 22, 2014

7:30 – Gathering in the auditorium to a soundtrack by Panda Porn (Alma Ben Yossef Timi and Tomer Rosenthal)

8:00 – Performance: “No Hurry” by Nava Frenkel

8:20 – Panel with Nir Baram, Writer, Raphael Zagury-Orly, Philosopher and Head of Bezalel’s MFA Program, Hadas Kedar, Artist and Curator, moderated by Chen Tamir, CCA Curator.

Nir Baram’s new novel, “World Shadow,” perfectly aligns with CHANGE as the book describes a world in which a liberal economy has taken hold of everything, with the fine arts having become part of the global system itself. Inspired by Baram’s description of what some would consider not dissimilar to today’s reality, this panel will explore the role of artists, writers, and cultural producers during what might be considered the end of a world paradigm. The panel will focus on if and how art is intertwined with the power dynamics during such times, and what is its place within them.

This evening is part of a series of public programs held in conjunction with CHANGE.

Admission fee: 10 NIS

CHANGE is supported by OUTSET