The Duties of the HEART – A Performance Without an Audience – Performance Workshop by Lilach Livne

10.01.2018 - 10.01.2018

The Duty of the Hearts – A Performance Without an Audience – Performance Workshop by Lilach Livne
Wednesday, January 10,  17pm

The Duties of the HEART is an invitation to a physical and mental experience. The participants will be invited to take part in a performance without audience, a show without images, in which the only element is a pause that is generated in the space between the body, the image and the gaze.

The Duties of the HEART will also examine the concept of image resistance. This is an opportunity to approach the absence of images and to experience the abstract self. The participants will experience mental, imaginary, emotional, physical and meta-physical exercises that are at the core of Lilach Livne’s practice since 2012.

Her research aims at touching the image in order to understand the potential of the abstract. Here the abstract is not related to forms, images of symbols, but rather creations related to dance, to the act of moving, to think and experience the world so that the image and the body are unified through the gaze.

The Duties of the Heart investigates what kind of love can exist in a reality in which the invisible and the non-image become visible – become present. This experience is suitable for artists, performers, thinkers, philosophers, choreographers, and anyone who is willing to embrace transcendence and access the other dimension through the body and collectivity.

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