The Duties of the HEART

11.01.2018 - 12.01.2018

The Duties of the HEART
Thursday, January 11 at 7pm
Friday, January 12 at 12pm

This pop-philosophical performance focuses on the sensual, meta-physical, and emotional. It is mixture of prayer-practice-performance that explores the visible and the invisible.

The Duties of HEART” is an ongoing study of Livneh, in which she combines a group of dancers and performers together to explore the subject of the “non-image”.

By: Lilach Livne | Participants: Moran Sivan, Shir Sternberg, Efrat Nevo, Savyon & Lilach Livne | Artistic Assistance and Photography: Tal Harin
Special Thanks to Maya Tamir and Diver festival

​* The show contains nudity

Lilach Livne 
is an artist who explores the relationships between movement, choreography, philosophy, healing, and community. She deals with gender, religion, and the politics of the abstract image. She creates performances, lectures, workshops, prayer books, and video works — all with the aim of reaching the “non-image”.

Duration: 150 min