The 3rd Night of Philosophy




After last year’s tremendous success, the French Institute and the Goethe Institut in Israel organize yet again this year the Night of philosophy in Tel Aviv in partnership with the Polish Institute, the Van Leer Institute, Bar-Ilan University and the Cohn Institute. The event, curated by the philosopher Raphael Zagury-Orly, and directed by Tilla Rudel, Cultural Attaché and Deputy Director of the French Institute and Wolf Iro, Head of the Goethe-Institut, will take place on Thursday May 25th, from 7.30pm.

During the entire night long, the public will be able to attend discussions, lectures, readings, panels, and movie screenings.

Dig digit digital life contemporary issues in philosophy of technology
Lyat Friedman, Yael Rozin, Ori Freiman, Galit Wellner

What is it exactly that makes an image erotic?
Jean Khalfa

Why museums matter?
Donatien Grau

When the square becomes public
Joelle Zask

Illusion and Immersion in Cinema
Martin Seel

Theatre and Critique: which form of critique aesthetic practices can offer
Christoph Menke

The lectures and panels are held in English.