Steamer – Interactive Storytelling festival

02.03.2016 - 05.03.2016

The CCA hosts “Steamer,” Israel’s first cinema and technology salon and lab focusing on the intersection of storytelling and hi-tech.
120 years of cinema and the recent emergence of new technologies have led to new ways of telling stories that deconstruct plot lines, offer sensorial narrative experiences, and integrate the viewer into the film.

The four-day festival explores the new generation of cinematic experiences and those to come under the guidance of local and international groups of storytellers, designers, and developers. Through interactive screenings, VR installations, salon talks and master-classes, we will create, build, share and investigate the new hybrid mediums used by independent filmmakers and Hollywood studios alike. Our hope is to inspire a new generation of web-native storytellers and interactive filmmakers.

All three floors of the CCA will be open to the public and offer rare opportunities to experience unique exhibitions and events.

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