Screening of Allan Sekula and Noël Burch’s The Forgotten Space


Monday, May 26 at 7:00pm

Considered the magnum opus of the late photographer, filmmaker, and theorist Allan Sekula, The Forgotten Space is a filmic essay co-directed with Noël Burch about the global transformation wrought by ocean freight. Sea transport is now the prime conduit for global trade thanks to the invention of the shipping container. The shipping industry runs parallel to capitalism itself and is foundational to worldwide exploitation, upheavals, and displacements that come with globalized trade. The stunning film essay uses original documentary footage, interviews, and archival materials to interweave displaced farmers and villagers in Holland and Belgium with underpaid truck drivers in Los Angeles, seafarers aboard mega-ships shuttling between Asia and Europe, and factory workers in China, whose low wages are the cornerstone of this complex system. The film will be introduced in Hebrew by artist, curator, and theorist Maayan Amir. The film is in English. This event is being presented in conjunction with Amie Siegel’s exhibition, Provenance.
English, 112 Min.