Screening: Israeli Transgressive Cinema


Wednesday, December 23, 8pm
Curator: Chen Sheinberg

In 1985, exactly 30 years ago, the avant-garde cinematographer, Nick Zedd, wrote a Manifesto titled “Cinema of Transgression.” This term came to represent a radical filmmaking movement that began to take form in New York at the time. In the manifesto, Zedd called for creating film that opposes the formalist and academic tradition of the avant-garde cinema back then and to make film that would shock the viewer and challenge common values, which was usually accomplished through a macabre sense of humor.

This event will include Israeli video works and experimental films that relate to the ideas of the American transgressive film movement, even though their makers were not aware of it at the time. The works undermine social, sexual, ethical, and aesthetic norms and break physical and sexual taboos.

The screening will include films by Nadav Bin-Nun, Malki Tesler, Amit Itzkar, Hila lulu lin farah kufr birim, Doron Solomons, Ori Drumer, Ron Katzir, Honi Hame’agel, the late Herz Frank, as well as works by New York icons Nick Zedd and Richard Kern.