Saturday Lab Kids Workshop: Projecting on Objects!


Saturday, December 1 at 11:00 am

Inspired by “Nevet Yitzhak: Permanent Exhibition” currently on view at the CCA, the upcoming Saturday Lab Kids Workshop will deal with contemporary sculpture and installation that uses video projections on existing objects and sculptures. First off, we will visit the artist’s experiential exhibition, which traces the first Hebrew museum in Israel, “Beit HaNechot Bezalel” which was established in Jerusalem in 1906. We will observe the eclectic setting of all the objects and explore the animated video that breathes life into them. We will continue with hands-on activities at the Shelter for Contemporary Art, where we will discover artworks by other artists working in a similar fashion, and then move on to the final part of the lab, where we will create an experimental laboratory of projecting images on objects by manually creating slide projections with flashlights, and even by using a video projector.

*Participants are invited to come with a camera to document the results of the workshop (a mobile phone camera is sufficient).

Led by: Eden Bennett
Ages: 6-10
Duration: 1 and a half hours
Tickets: NIS 40 per child, NIS 32 for digitel card holders
Tickets required