Saturday Lab Kids Workshop: On Art, Wandering, and Nomadism

07.07.2018 - 07.07.2018

Saturday, July 7 at 11 am

Inspired by “Tchelet Ram: Third Wheel” currently on view at the CCA, the upcoming Saturday Lab Kids Workshop will explore the connection between sculpture and temporary living environments made of found objects and materials. We will visit the exhibition, which takes place inside and outside the CCA building, and explore some of the artist’s ephemeral works. From there, we will continue with hands-on activities at the Shelter for Contemporary Art, where we will discover artworks by other artists working in a similar fashion, and then move on to the final part of the lab, which consists of creating temporary sculptures that will serve as symbolic hiding places and shelters.

Led by: Eden Bennett
Ages: 6-10
Duration: 1 and a half hours
Tickets: NIS 40 per child, NIS 32 for digital card holders
Tickets required