Saturday Lab Kids – Between Text and Texture


The upcoming Saturday Lab Kids Workshop will focus on the two solo exhibitions currently on view at CCA Tel Aviv,        “Irma Blank: Blank” and “Adi Fluman: Souvenir d’amitié”. During the workshop, we will be visiting the exhibitions and getting to know the work of Blank and Fluman; we will dive into their practice and inspired by their works, we will conduct a practical creative workshop focused on creating and erasing, about the use of paper and about the connection between writing (text) and touching (texture).

Led by Eden Bannett in Hebrew.

Number of participants is limited.* Please RSVP here.
Ages: 6-10
Duration: 1 and a half hours
Admission: 40 NIS per child, 32 NIS for Digitel card holders

* Due to the strict limitation imposed by the Ministry of Health, last minute cancellation will prevent other people from attending the event. Please make plans accordingly and if you can’t make it – please contact us and cancel: \ 03-5106111


Image: Adi Fluman, Puissions nous les imiter, 2020. Digital sculpture, inkjet printed on paper in artist frame. Photo: Eyal Agivayev