RIP: Rest in Peace or Rest in Power? Mortality (or Lack Thereof) in the Digital Era


Thursday, July 25 at 7 pm

In this panel discussion, exhibiting artists Jakub Jansa and Miri Segal will discuss how digital media complicates relationships between what is considered real, and what is considered artificial, how it raises questions about hierarchy and power, and how it can inspire philosophical insight, particularly about death and ontology (the metaphysics of existence).

This event is being held as part of a series of public programs organized in conjunction with the exhibition“Stumbling Through the Uncanny Valley: Sculpture and Self in the Age of Computer Generated Imagery”.

The panel will be held in English and moderated by Lior Zalmanson, founder of Print Screen Festival.

Entrance: 10 NIS
Seating is limited, tickets required.

Image: Miri Segal, Being Miri Segal, 2018-ongoing. Mixed media installation, variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist and Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv / Brussels.