Q&A with the Artist: An Evening with Maya Elran at the Christian Jankowski Exhibition



The CCA has invited three artists to create happenings inspired by “Heavy Weight History,” Christian Jankowski’s solo exhibition currently on view.

The first event in the series is a performance by Maya Elran. In a brave attempt to both build and deconstruct the elusive character of Christian, Maya Elran will hold a public investigation to reveal the story behind their relationship, step by step, together with the audience.

Exploring rituals of faith, religious art and love, Maya Elran merges data and history, and private and public. The participatory event will act as an intervention aiming to resolve and complete the experience
of “meeting the artist” in the traditional Q&A format.

Maya Elran (born 1986) is a multimedia artist working in photography, sculpture and performance.
She holds a B.F.A from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and has participated in events such as “Under the Mountain” festival in Jerusalem, and exhibitions at Benyamin Gallery and Maze 9.