Premiere of “Dolls”


Thursday, October 6, 7pm

A New Film by Oz Malul and Shay-Lee Uziel
Followed by a conversation and special Q&A session with the artists moderated by Gilad Ratman

Oz Malul and Shay-Lee Uziel’s newest film features their adventures in creating a sculpture that was commissioned by a large museum for a children’s exhibition. True to their affinity for anti-professionalism, the resulting sculpture is clumsy, amateur, and failingly analogue. Restricted in resources and know-how, the two poke fun at the artistic process while simultaneously attempting to create a truly genuine work of art. The creative process is paralleled with production in general – and by extension consumption – hinting that both never truly end. The product, or artwork, exists less in its own right and more as a consequence of its process of creation. The resulting film is a witty critique of how quality and value are established and what authenticity means in an age of professionalism.