Post-Truth and the Manipulation of Information


March 13, 2017, 7pm

virtually all human knowledge in the palm of our hand, do facts become so easily manipulated? Why are they increasingly secondary to emotion, narrative, and basic human nature? We’ve never been smarter as individuals, yet our collective knowledge, if there is such a thing, seems inadequate given the challenges we face. Following Susan Sontag’s “Regarding the Pain of Others” — in which she contemplated how the massive exposure and unprecedented access to photographic documentation of war and atrocity didn’t lead to a more peaceful world as would have been expected — this panel examines why we seem impervious to the inundation of data we are subject to constantly. Join Jonathan KlingerYoav LifshitzRomi Mikulinsky as we contemplate the age-old question of whether or not access to knowledge actually makes us smarter and what would such implications mean in today’s
?interconnected world

The panel is moderated by Netta Ahituv