Open Call – Open Screening at the Center for Contemporary Art

02.07.2013 - 31.07.2013

On Thursday, August 15, at 8:30pm, the CCA will host an open and outdoor screening of video work.
Artists are invited to submit work, which will be screened on a “first come, first serve” basis. Who said art is elitist?

Last date for submissions: Wednesday July 31, at 4:00pm.
Please submit work at a maximum length of 15 min and as data on a DVD. Please indicate on the DVD: The full name of the artist and the work in Hebrew and English, and its duration.
The work should be mailed to: The Center for Contemporary Art, A.D. 29818, Tel Aviv, 61298. Or submit a copy to Lia in person: CCA offices: 2 Tzadok HaCohen Street (corner of 5 Kalisher Street), Tel Aviv. Sunday – Thursday 10:00-16:00

Image: Vienne Chan, Photo by Youval Hai.