Neshef: A New Piece by ABRA Ensemble


By ABRA Ensemble
Monday, August 3, 8pm

Tickets: 50 NIS at the door, 40 NIS Online until August 2
CD: 30 NIS
Combo Deal: Show + CD: 70 NIS at the door, 60 NIS Online

The four singer-composers collectively authored this work, which examines the role of the human voice in defining self identity through sound, music, movement, and light.

Album Release Event: Vocal Sessions of Four Emotional Registers

Party, treats, a short improv session with the audience and the opportunity to purchase your very own hardcopy of ABRA Vocal Sessions.

ABRA is a vocal performance ensemble led collectively by four vocalists/composers, Chanan Ben Simon, Noa Haran, Yifeat Ziv, and Faye Shapiro. It’s name is inspired by the Aramaic phrase “Abra Ka Dabra” (“I shall create what I speak”), a potent illocutionary spell that grants speech with the power of creation.