Michal Oppenheim: Eres


Monday, Jan. 18, 7pm

In conjunction with Maya Dunietz’s exhibition, “Sound Requires a Medium,” the CCA is pleased to present an evening of lullabies for adults. The performance weaves together poems by Yonatan Levy and Zelda, set to music by Michal Oppenheim. With lullabies as a historical starting point, “Eres” also considers them as a way of ending the day, or marking the end of a life. The work encapsulates the ceremonious as well as daily life and offers a space for hypnotic musical dream-states.

Michal Oppenheim is a singer and composer who has been involved in various projects, from the experimental Givol choir, to creating sound installations. In 2014, she released her debut album, “Playlist.”

Photo: Or Dotan