mechanism – Performance by Yonatan Geron and Ariel Kleiner, with Yoel Peled


Wednesday, March 17 at 7 and 8 pm

Please join artists Yonatan Geron and Ariel Kleiner – whose work Surrealism (2018) is included in the group exhibition “Blade Memory,” curated by artists Naama Arad, Eran Nave, and Ishai Shapira Kalter and currently on view at the Center – for a music performance. Performed together with Yoel Peled and entitled mechanism, the work is a transition from installation to performance through a cinematic experience. In this work, words play a pivotal role, especially homophones, words that are written differently while sounding very similar. Often appearing in the Hebrew language, homophones can at first seemingly have totally different meanings; however, they are actually connected via an invisible, abstract thread of linguistic connectivity. According to the artists, the sound of crickets and electrical harmonies can be an expression of such connectivity.

Space is limited. For tickets for the 8 PM performance click here
Duration: 1 hour
Admission: 10 NIS

Image: Yonatan Geron and Ariel Kleiner, with Yoel Peled, It was only when I woke up that I realized I was sleeping, 2018. View of the performance at Tectonics – New Music Festival, Tel Aviv. Courtesy of the artists.