Lexicon of the Mouth


The CCA presents two new experimental opera works by Ensemble Música Nova, co-produced with the Foothold Festival.

The Tiger’s Mind
Concept: Tom Soloveitzik
Performers: Chanan Ben Simon, Uri Noam, Yoni Niv, Michal Samama, Maayan Tsadka, Hagit Rubinstein
The Tiger’s Mind is a verbal score by British composer Cornelius Cardew from 1967. For this realization, six artists from various backgrounds have been invited to experiment with the various tensions this unique score creates.

The Philosophy of Poverty

By Yoni Niv & Lior Waterman
Based on a text by Lior Waterman
Performers: Alex Drool (vocals), Offer Tisser (electronics), Tom Soloveitzik (sax), Lars Sergal (sound design), Uri Noam (light design)
The Philosophy of Poverty is a textual work originally written for a speaking automaton. In this stage adaptation, the musicians take on the role of the automaton in order to embody the essence of the speech, the wisdom of poverty, and loss of mind.

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