CCA Outdoor Courtyard
July 1, 2015, 8:30 pm
Free and open to the public. Cash bar.

The CCA presents an immersive KARMA SHE pop concert and video set directed by Carmel Michaeli in collaboration with Nissim Tretiakov. KARMA SHE DYSLEXIC EXPERIENCE will include acts by martial arts specialist Miri Krispin, drag icon Nona Chalant, dancehall dancer Esther Zimmerman, pure data manipulator Tamar Regev, rapper MC Ziffi, pilates specialist Michal Agasi, acrobat Ronna Shpiller, and exotic dancer Baghera.

KARMA SHE, the “Hip-pop witch” inside Carmel Michaeli, is the power source that connects alternative dancers, athletes, and fellow artists. Along with Tamar Katz, she created a video for the performance that documents the spiritual quest of a cult family addicted to working out in public parks, which is the premise to the event.

Set to music performed live by KARMA SHE, the event will be shot using chroma key effects and will result in a video work in which the audience participates as extras. Sculptor Shany Priness will decorate performers with “jewelry monsters”. The night will be accompanied by Tai Rona’s mix of disco and world music.

8:30pm –Tai Rona Opening DJ Set
9:00pm – Performance
10:00pm – Tai Rona Closing DJ Set

karma she