GHOM! A Gibberish Cantata


Friday, June 1, 9pm
Music by Noam Enbar / Directed by Nir Shauloff / Text by Yonatan Levy

GHOM! is a a minimalistic Gibberish Cantata, written in a variety of invented languages. It is both a study of and a homage to the spiritual research and knowledge of ritualistic traditions and practitioners: oriental and occidental, past and present. The compositions of Giacinto Scelsi, the songs of Bengal’s “Baul” minstrels, the occult liturgy of Carlo Gesualdo, the Ayahuasca chants of the Santo Daime church and the mystical folk music of Bonnie Prince Billy, among others, form the basis for the tumultuous psycho-mystic journey of GHOM!.
A ritualistic-performative event with no text or characters, roughly portraying a rite of passage of one of the singers – a 12 year old child – the voyage of GHOM! inevitably results in failure and loss, but from that loss, a renewed growth is achieved: GHOM!

Participants: Avshalom Ariel / Tomer Damsky / Noam Enbar / Michal Oppenheim / Alma Goldshmidt Oppenheim / Yair Polishook / Nir Shauloff / Adam Scheflan