Exhibition tour of “Blade Memory” with Ishai Shapira Kalter (Hebrew)


Saturday, March 6 at 12 noon

Please join artist Ishai Shapira Kalter for an informal tour of “Blade Memory,” which he curated with fellow artists Naama Arad and Eran Nave and that is currently on view at the Center. The tour will focus on the differences between the practice of curating and exhibition making as an artistic medium, touching upon the collaborative nature of this specific project. Shapira Kalter will also speak about the notion of partach [פרטץ׳] – a Yiddish word used to define something done improperly in an improvised way – in relationship to the architecture and cityscape of Tel Aviv. He will then discuss the intimacy that guided the creation of “unmonumental” and ephemeral works of art presented in the exhibition.

The tour will be held in Hebrew. Please follow the current health regulations upon visiting the Center.

Space is limited, for tickets click here 
Duration: 1 hour
Admission: 10 NIS


Image: Noa Schwartz, AC, 2015. Metal, drywall and white paint. 42 x 66 x 36 cm. Photo: Liat Elbling