Leehoru by Nimrod Gershoni

08.08.2019 - 10.08.2019

Thursday and Saturday, August 8 and 10 at 7 pm

Leehoru is a performance work in which Nimrod Alexander Gershuni combines pre-recorded and improvised video and sound with live music. It is carried out through an installation akin to a control room, where Gershuni slowly reveals the mechanisms leading to the failure of contemporary masculinity.

Nimrod Alexander Gershuni (1982), lives and works in Tel Aviv, holds a master’s degree from the Jerusalem Academy of Art and Design, (2014) and a Bachelor’s degree from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2011). Gershuni exhibited at the Gvirol Gallery, Tel Aviv; The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon; The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; Petach Tikva Museum of Art; The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv, and the Jewish Museum in Vienna. Gershuni is a recipient of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem (2014) and received a grant from the Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv (2016). In 2013, Gershuni participated in the master program of Andrea Zittel: Institute of Investigative Living, A-Z West Residency Program. Gershuni also participated in the master’s program at the Arad Center for Contemporary Art.

This event is being held as part of a series of public programs organized in conjunction with the exhibition “Stumbling Through the Uncanny Valley: Sculpture and Self in the Age of Computer Generated Imagery”. 

Entrance: 10 NIS
Seating is limited, tickets required.

For the first performance, on Thursday August 8 – click here.
For the second performance, on Saturday, August 10 – click here.