Dariusz Fodczuk – A Collection of a Small Gestures, Performance

Dariusz Fodczuk – a collection of a small gestures, performance at the CCA Thursday 8.12.2011 at 20:00
I am an artist who mostly does Performance, however I also create paintings, sculptures and sometimes videos. For the past few years I have also collaborated  with a Polish drama writer, Artur Palyga, affecting his Dramatic work  with performative elements.
For me art is a Super-Language; For me trans-verbal communication is the key to art. – Aesthetics and formal solutions are secondary priority to me, and are interesting only as far as they may help communication to be more effective. Joshep Beuys has fore told: “In the future everyone will be an artist.” I understand this statement meaning that  in the future society will communicate using the language of Installation and Performance art in order to live a fuller conscious existences. I do not think he was refering to those producing nice looking object nor to those who are painting.  In my opinion, practicing Performance and other forms of contemporary art, can bring his wish closer.