Dani Meir and Noam Rotem: Single Copy


Thursday, April 3rd, Between 18:00pm – 23:00pm.
Free Entrance! The event is free with outdoor cash bar

The Center for Contemporary Art invites you to take part in Singel Copy, an ongoing project by musicians Noam Rotem and Dani Meir. For an entire evening, every 25 minutes the musicians write, record, print, and distirbute a new piece live on stage. The result is burnt onto a single CD that is signed and given randomly to an audience member, who becomes the sole owner of the piece. They can exhibit it, play it, give it away, sell it, or throw it out. After relinquishing each disc, the artists record a new piece, deleting the old one in a process that repeats throughout the evening. At the heart of Singel Copy is a set of rules that puts the relationships between the artist, the piece, and the audience to the test while alluding, in real-time, to loaded questions regarding the value and even the real existence of the piece.
Listen to past recordings

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