Choreographic Spaces – A Lecture by May Zarhy


Wednesday, August 9th at 7pm

What is choreographic space? What’s the possible link between space, state, and human movement? What do all these have to do with art and its relation to place? These questions and more will be addressed by May Zarhy, who will also discuss how her architectural heritage is entwined in her choreographic practice. Via examples from different mediums, this lecture invites you on a mental journey exploring our connection to our environments and what it might have to do with choreography, on stage and beyond.

Choreographer May Zarhy has studied and worked in the Netherlands, France and Germany for over a decade and her body of work varies between stage pieces, site-specific works, and interventions in public space.

The lecture is organized in conjunction with The Simulator, an organization dedicated to performance.
Entrance: 30 NIS