Ofra Lapid

Ofra Lapid, Untitled, 2012, Silkscreen, 50.5 X 63.5 cm, Edition of 99, 750 ILS (Unframed)

Ofra Lapid’s point of departure for her photographic works is imagery found on the Internet. She browses virtual space in search of material on domestic environments and architectural structures, as well as banal cityscapes. She prints these images and creates models from them that are then photographed. This image is a smaller version of one belonging to an untitled series depicting modernist buildings. In the print, a movie theatre’s screen has been replaced by an image of the theatre’s exterior, a visual loop suggesting that life mimics art, and that all the world’s a stage. Ofra Lapid was born in 1982 in Tel Aviv and is currently based in New York. She studied at Ha’midrasha School of Art and her work has been show at the International Photography Festival #2; Banim Gallery, Rishon Le’zion; the Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, and Galerie Pro Arte, Hallein, Austria.


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