Artist Talk with Nevet Yitzhak


Saturday, October 13 at 12pm

Nevet Yitzhak: Permanent Exhibition,” currently on view at CCA Tel Aviv, was based on a long process that evolved from previous projects on the status and power of the object as social constructs. For “Permanent Exhibition” Yitzhak turned the focus to the folkloric output of the “old” Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts and the Bezalel Museum, both founded in 1906 by Boris Shatz. Join the artist for a talk during which she will dive into the research behind “Permanent Exhibition.”

Entrance: 10 NIS

Image: Stuffed Mallard, scientific name: Platyrhynchos Anas, species of birds of Eretz Israel. Detail from “Nevet Yitzhak: Permanent Exhibition”, 2018
Photo credit: Guy Pichon