Artist Talk and Screening of DDR/DDR with Amie Siegel


Monday, June 9 at 7:00pm

Join Amie Siegel for an in-depth discussion of her practice, followed by a screening of her 2008 feature-length film DDR/DDR. The poetic film essay stitches together interviews, Stasi footage, and events that together create a montage revolving around collective cultural memory, identity, surveillance, and state oppression. The work looks closely at the demise of Eastern Germany and the social and emotional complexities of reunification. Siegel takes a special interest in the recording devices used by the Stasi as a reflection on the role of cinema as a whole. Psychoanalysis figures widely in the work as a parallel form of both surveillance and escape. A wide array of interviewees are brought into the fold, ranging from a nostalgic translator and Stasi operatives to former East Germans whose hobby is to emulate Native American culture. The result is a multi-layered cinematic probing into the intertwined psychological, cultural, and technological facets of systems of control.
The talk and Q&A will be held in English. The film is in German with English subtitles.