Video of the Month

Uri Nir

Second Chance

“…The movie ‘Second Chance’ documents an event that took place in the artist’s studio: homeless drug addicts, each in turn, hit keys on a harpsichord, and giant egg spins to the resulting music. The sounds produced by the touch of the junkies’ fingers on the keyboard set the egg spinning, while the pitch stretches the egg’s shape. On occasion the spinning is surprising as it defies gravity. The elliptical form straightens up into a cone, like the core of a hovering vortex which virtually cuts itself off from the ground”.

music: Binya Reches

Second Chance 2011, 03:51 from Uri Nir on Vimeo.

Archive Background

In 2000, the CCA established its Video Archive, comprised of an in-house editing suite as well as an archive of over four thousand videos by Israeli and international artists, with works from the 1960s to the present. The Video Archive is a hub of curating activity based on Israeli contemporary artistic practice. It distributes programs and compilations of Israeli video art to festivals and institutions, and at the request of interested professionals locally and abroad.

In Israel, the Video Archive’s resources are extremely valuable as pedagogical tools in our local framework. Video programs such as “Video Chat” are curated especially for children with respect to relevant issued in contemporary art, current events, and school curricula. The Video Archive is accessible to students, curators, video professionals, and the general public upon request. For viewing please

The Archive’s programs and compilations have also been presented in venues in Israel such as Art Focus and the Jerusalem Film Festival, and abroad at Art in General (New York), OK Center for Contemporary Art (Linz, Austria);Sala 1, (Rome, Italy, and from there traveled to Viterbo, Bari, Shanghai, and Philadelphia in 2008), the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal); WRO Media Art Festival (Wroclaw, Poland); Invisible Image Festival (Cali, Colombia); Zero Visibility Festival (Genazzano, Italy); The 1st Transchina Video Art Festival (Changchun, Beijing, China); The Luanda Triennial in AngolaThe Jewish Museum, New York; Who Am I and What Is My Name at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Short Memory at the Tate Modern, London and many more.

The Archive was founded with the support of the late Mr. Arye Sabinsky in memory of his mother, Elizabeth Sabinsky, and with support from the Muriel & Philip Berman Foundation.