ABRA: SingAlong


Monday, August 1, 8:00 pm
ABRA reunites for a summer show at the CCA and invites the audience to sing along.

ABRA is a vocal performance ensemble led collectively by four vocalists/composers: Chanan Ben Simon, Noa Haran, Yifeat Ziv, and Faye Shapiro. Its name is inspired by the Aramaic phrase “Abra Ka Dabra” (“I shall create what I speak”), a potent illocutionary spell that grants speech with the power of creation.

About SingAlong
Over the past four years, the members of ABRA have created site- and acoustic-specific vocal works. In their new piece, SingAlong, ABRA expands their usual orchestration from four voices to a whole orchestra, embodied by the audience. The piece references karaoke and sing-alongs, but also invites deep listening to the body and its surround space. During the show, audience members can choose between simply listening or taking part actively.

The ensemble’s website: www.abraensemble.com