12 Hours in the 30th Century Festival


Friday, December 20 at 1 pm

“12 Hours in the 30th Century” is a one-day music festival bringing together 25 local musicians to create – both as individuals and as an ensemble – a single 12-hour musical track. This event is a musical experiment, improvised and planned at the same time, during which musicians will collaboration and improvise based on a pre-recorded beat of 130 BPM that will be played during the entire run of the festival.

The festival will span the entire CCA Tel Aviv building. Food and drinks will be available in this comfortable festival environment.
The event is supported by Tel Aviv Municipality – Culture and Arts Division.

Producer: Yuval Guttman
Artistic Direction: Gilad Ratman and Yuval Guttman

Partial list of participants (alphabetical order):
Assaf Bloom; Alex Drool Jonovic; Ela Meital; Dganit Elyakim; Yael Birenbaum; Patik Genrietta; Nimrod Gershoni; Hagai Izenberg; Sharon Kantor; Ariel Kleiner; Alex Levy; Tamir Lichtenberg; Daniella Ljungsberg; Harel Luz; Daniel Meir; Afik Naim; Ram Orion; Zoe Polanski; Eran Sachs; Shahar Sarig; Asaf Setty; Zohar Shafir; Aviv Shechori; Yuval Shenhar; Avinoam Sternheim; Assaf Tager; Shahar Yahalom, Ran Yeshurun

Tickets: 50 NIS
Pre-Ordered Tickets: 40 NIS on the website 

Image: Shir Moran