Eve Dent (UK)
BLURRR 4 will take place in the area surrounding the flea market place in Jaffa, from November 20 to November 23. This historically charged area includes - besides the market, the Mediterranean Sea, the civic center of Jaffa, and Old Jaffa itself, where the Arab-Hebrew Theater is located - a breathtaking view of the skyline of modern Tel Aviv and of its beaches. We opted for this site because of the variegated settings it offers to the artists. Also the three previous BLURRR biennials took place in locations that allowed the artists not only to perform in unique conditions, but to literally "chose" the public he or she wants to interact with - that is, either performing in places and hours that only the informed crowd would come to, or appealing to an audience that would turn out for other reasons. Such were the operagoers at the Performing Art Center in BLURRR 1 & 2 (1997 and 1999) and the Kibbutz members in Kibbutz Nachshon in the last biennial (2001). Blurrr 4 takes place in a totally urban context, where a random public - be it the flea-market peddlers and customers, or people going for a Saturday stroll in Old Jaffa - is going to constitute a major factor. My curatorial proposal, once more, is an open-ended situation that assumes its significance from the resilience and motivation of the artists to respond to the actual site and situation. The "proposal" is the setting - in all its referents and possibilities. It is no more than a trigger from which a more or less coherent group of art works could emerge around the subjects that are raised by each artist.

Sergio Edelsztein