Weekly Afterschool Workshops

The CCA’s weekly courses and workshops are developed by leading artists in the field and center on the exploration of multidisciplinary art, new media, animation, editing, and performance. Designed for all ages, from children to adults, the classes open-up access to Israeli and international art with a focus on video and experimental cinema.

Creative Kids
A weekly workshop for children ages 6-7
Led by artist Eden Bannet
A weekly after-school class for children aged 6-7 that encourages exploration, observation, and play. Inspired by experimental contemporary art, the workshops include hands-on activities with a variety of materials ranging from paper cut-outs to film projection.

The Moving Image: A Video and Animation Workshop
A weekly workshop for pre-teens ages 11-14
Led by artist Tzion Avraham Hazan
The course centers on the history of video and animation and their various techniques. Each week is dedicated to a different invention through which participants learn to build kinetic animation devices and use photographic techniques to create their own stop-motion artwork.