Diver Festival

13.09.2017 - 16.09.2017

The CCA hosts a special weekend organized by the Diver Festival with three unique performances on September 13-16.
The Diver Festival presents contemporary dance annually across Tel Aviv and includes performances by choreographers and dancers from Israel and abroad alongside workshops and discursive events.

The Material of the Invisible: On Light and Art
Wednesday, September 13 at 8:30pm
Artists from diverse fields will discuss light as an essential component and material of their work. They will outline how light, beyond its qualities and expressions, plays a key role in constituting the aesthetic engine of an artwork. They will consider light through the methodologies and logics of various media, understanding how it encapsulates cultural contexts and thus constantly prescribes reality.

Curators: on/off – Omer Sheizaf, Naama Bar-Or, and Matan Golan
Omer Sheizaf is an artist and stage lighting designer.

Naama Bar-Or is an artist and color and light researcher. She is a member of Jim, an interdisciplinary group working in public space.

Matan Golan is an artist who works with video, light, and sculpture. He was awarded the Presser Prize for video in 2015.

Free entrance

The Duties of the HEART
Thursday, September 14 at 7:30pm, Friday, September 15 at 12:00pm

This three-hour long pop-philosophical performance focuses on the sensual, meta-physical, and emotional. It is mixture of prayer-practice-performance that explores the visible and the invisible.

By: Lilach Livne | Participate with the body and without the body: Maya Tamir, Savyon Fishlovich, Efrat Nevo  Moran Sivan, Shir Sternberg, Lilach Livne |  Artistic Assistance and photography :Tal Harin

Lilach Livne is an artist who explores the relationships between movement, choreography, philosophy, healing, and community. She deals with gender, religion, and the politics of the abstract image. She creates performances, lectures, workshops, prayer books, and video works — all with the aim of reaching the “non-image.”

Duration: 180 min
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Matter of Matters
Friday 15 September at 10pm, Saturday 16 September at 8pm
Materials that are already shaped with a defined purpose make me forget very fast. I’m the living matter that is searching for a physical match in revitalised matter. On stage,I intuitively shift from one investigation to another, accumulating in my body the different qualities that are revealed by each encounter with an object. Through exercising live actions I look for ways how to reveal the full physical consequence of the material.Thus a living subject (a performer) on stage becomes a self produced matter that runs on its own established [more or less] sustainable physical structures.

Andrius Mulokas born in Kaunas, Lithuania. After studying visual arts and architecture, Mulokas’s artistic interest shifted to space in relation to the moving body. He studied dance in Finland (North Karelia College), later he moved to Amsterdam where he studied on the BA Choreography programme (SNDO) at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK). He recently collaborated as a performer with: Lea Moro(2017), Tino Sehgal(2015-16) , Doris Uhlich(2013-16), Florentina Holzinger(2014),Ann Liv Young(2011), Deborah Hay (2010). His work is about the state of possession by movement, about relationships with objects, materials that become performers, about the labour of performance art and the expressive forms it takes.

Idea/Performance/Video: Andrius Mulokas | Supported by: Lithuanian Culture Institute | Photography: Julija Navarskaite

Duration: 60 min
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