Catalog: Conditions of Political Choreography

Michal Baror: The Book of Plunder

Hilla Toony Navok: Rounding Up the Hours

Gaston Zvi Ickowicz: Nesting

Ohad Meromi: Resort

Yael Efrati: Eye of the Sea (Catalogue)

Oliver Laric

Tamar Harpaz: Kitchen Sink Drama Catalogue

Catalogue – Dror Daum: Scared to Die / Scared to Live

Christian Jankowski: Heavy Weight History Catalogue

Michal Helfman: CHANGE Catalogue


Nira Pereg: All of This Can Be Reconstructed Elsewhere

Gary Hill

World Order – Dana Levy

The City Show

Sharon Lockhart| Noa Eshkol

Rosa Barba- In Conversation with

Here – After – Nir Evron

Oz Malul – You Shall Not Put an Obstacle Before a Blind Man

Ceal Floyer – Works on Paper

Jan Tichy – 01:37:24:05


Karen Russo- The Remote Viewing Project

Ulrike Ottinger- film.kunst

Yochai Avrahami- Uzi

Marina Abramovic – 8 Lessons on Emptiness with a Happy End

The Light Show

Standard Deviation

Cezary Bodzinaowski- Sababa

The Confessions of Roee Rosen

From and About Place- Art From LA

The Invisible Show

Rebecca Horn- The Films

Yael Bartana- Short Memory

Rare Medium

Zilla Leutenegger – Meet Me in the Library 9 PM

Uri Katzenstein – HOPE MACHINE

Internal Tourism

Boaz Arad- VoozVooz

The End of Cordova

Doron Solomons- Shopping Day/ Tonightws Headlines

Guy Ben-Ner- Self Portrait As a Family Man


Andy Warhol- The Films