Conditions of Political Choreography

17.11.2016 - 07.01.2017
Contributions by Yochai Avrahami, Yael Bartana, Noam Enbar / Yonatan Levy, Christian Falsnaes, Ohad Fishof / Noa Zuk, Michal Helfman, Adam Linder, Antje Majewski, Markus Miessen, Ohad Meromi, Susanne M. Winterling et al. Curated by Marius Babias (Director, n.b.k.), Sergio Edelsztein (Director, CCA), Sophie Goltz (Curator, n.b.k.), Chen Tamir (Curator, CCA) The Neuer Berliner...

Holiday Hours at the CCA

11.10.2016 - 24.10.2016
During the high holidays, the CCA will be closed on the following dates: 11-12.10.2016 16-17.10.2016 23-24.10.2016

Hilla Toony Navok: Rounding Up the Hours

Rounding Up the Hours exhibition catalogue, Designed by Idan Am Shalem for Gaston Hilla Toony Navok’s exhibition “Rounding Up the Hours”...

Captive Portal: SWEAT NET

Captive Portal: SWEAT NET Liat Berdugo Part of the “Captive Portal” commissioned series, Liat Berdugo’s SWEAT NET enables visitors to the...

Ohad Meromi: Resort

Resort exhibition catalogue, Designed by Koby Barhad for Ohad Meromi’s exhibition “Resort” For more info about the exhibition: